What are the advantages of renting a paramedical practice?


Renting a paramedical practice has many advantages, which justifies the development and democratisation of rented paramedical practices. These advantages are diverse and allow the paramedical professions to evolve in their way of practice:

1. To be able to accommodate patients in a desired geographical area:
Indeed, renting a paramedical practice allows you to choose in which geographical area to develop your patient base. It is also possible to rent several locations to extend your range of action and thus have a larger patient base. Renting a paramedical practice offers freedom of mobility.

2. To have professional equipment on site:
Renting an equipped paramedical practice also allows you to have professional equipment directly on site. This makes it possible to make significant savings, and also allows for a rapid start-up of the activity when necessary.

3. Avoid using all your capital to buy an asset, especially when starting a business:
Buying a paramedical practice is a real investment, often very risky when you start your activity. Renting a paramedical practice is an ideal alternative that allows you to launch your activity with complete peace of mind and to grow your clientele at your own pace.

4. To become more professional, to welcome the client in a neutral place where he/she will feel at ease:
Many paramedical professionals still practise from home, often converting a living room into a suitable room for the session. However, this can make the patient feel uncomfortable and the work less professional. A neutral and professional setting can improve performance, give a better image of one's work and welcome the patient in good conditions. Renting a paramedical practice allows you to improve your work without spending a lot of money.

5. To be able to belong to a centre/group of professionals in the same sector:
Renting a paramedical practice is also possible within a group or a paramedical centre, which allows for meetings and synergies between professionals in the same sector. The working environment can also be more pleasant, as many professionals in the paramedical sector feel alone in the practice of their activity.

These are the 5 main advantages of renting a paramedical practice. They represent the benefits that this way of working can bring to you and your business.

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Why is renting a practice favoured in the paramedical sector?


The difference between medical and paramedical: For many of us, the difference between the medical and paramedical sectors remains unclear, especially as they both belong to the broad health sector. However, there are significant differences beyond their similar primary function of providing patient care. So what are these differences? Why is renting a paramedical practice favourable for professionals in this sector?

Training: important differences from the start.
These two very similar professions require very different training. While becoming a professional in the paramedical sector will require 3 to 5 years of study, medical studies will require about 9 years. Although both are demanding courses, the medical course has a few more subtleties. Future medical professionals must comply with two mandatory rules:
- Be registered with the defined Order (doctors/dentists/midwives).
- Taking the Hippocratic oath, a condition that obliges one not to discriminate against patients.

Their functions: both complementary and distinct.
Indeed, medical professionals must follow these two rules during their training, as they alone have the authority to dispense prescriptions. They operate directly with the medicinal products that are used to prevent and treat disease. Paramedical professionals, on the other hand, support medical professionals with their specialisations. They usually work from a rented paramedical practice. This division of labour is due to the different specialities of each one, which allow them to be more efficient in the treatment of different health concerns, whether physical or mental.

Different fields and therefore different professional spaces:
These distinctions, whether in training or in their functions, make the paramedical and medical sectors two sectors each with their own areas. In the medical sector we find the fields of: medicine, maieutics and odontology. These fields are mainly present in public structures (hospitals) but also in private structures (clinics, centres). As for the paramedical sector, we find the fields of: health care, rehabilitation, medical and technical assistance, and medical equipment. These fields are mainly present in centres or rented paramedical practices. Indeed, most professionals in the paramedical sector require a private or shared professional space in which to work, so they rent paramedical offices. These offices can be rented on a monthly basis, but now also on an hourly basis, a formula that is becoming more and more attractive thanks to its flexibility and low cost. Paramedical practices are increasingly rented on an hourly basis, as this does not involve any significant costs or long-term commitment. They can leave the practice whenever they wish and only pay when they occupy the practice. There is no rent or purchase to make, the practice is fully equipped and ready to use. This is why paramedical professionals nowadays favour renting out paramedical surgeries, whereas medical professionals mostly have their own space directly.

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Office rental for a psychologist in Brussels


Difficult to find practices in Brussels for psychologists: the renting of a practice for a psychologist in Brussels must evolve to survive.

In recent times, finding a practice for a psychologist has proven to be no easy task. Many psychologists have no practice, or practice in a practice, but barely make ends meet. Indeed, the complications are not due to the lack of available practices, but to the solutions currently offered to psychologists. Regardless of the way in which psychologists practice, they have inevitably been affected by soaring energy prices.

As regards the rental of psychologist's offices in Brussels, rents are constantly rising, adding to the costs. Add to this the drop in purchasing power in Belgium in 2022, and the mental well-being sector is in trouble. As for psychologists who have their own practice in Brussels, although they do not have a
As a result of this price inflation, they have felt the impact on their energy budget. In one year, the price of energy has increased by more than 50% in Belgium. To compensate for this, psychologists are therefore forced to increase the price of their services or lose a significant part of their turnover. Others are forced to terminate the lease
This is a difficult situation to live with. But what solution is there to this situation?

Renting offices for psychologists in Brussels remains a good solution to this situation, but in a different form. Indeed, the renting of offices for cheap despite the increase of the charges exists in the form of coworking. There are shared offices for psychologists in Brussels, which can be rented on any day of the week.
week, at affordable rates with charges included in the price. Each individual can reserve an already equipped practice for as long as they wish and only pay when they occupy the practice. This new system makes it possible to optimise the space and amortise the cost of energy and other expenses, which is how it is possible to offer such low and unchanging prices.

This principle is based on the mutualisation of spaces and thus makes it possible to provide solutions to psychologists who need them.
Renting a psychologist's office in Brussels at low cost is possible when you share.

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