From Spain, France and Portugal, more and more foreign trainers are arriving in Brussels from time to time to share their knowledge for a few days. Some travel from city to city.

They usually launch their training programme via their website and social networks at the beginning of the year, so that participants can register in good time for the training closest to their home.

Training courses of a few days in aesthetics, massage techniques or other psycho-corporate disciplines are very successful and allow many people in professional reconversion to add an extra string to their bow.

Mobile workers, as the name implies, move from one place to another to carry out their work. A whole range of occupations can nowadays move around at will to carry out their profession. People who provide training are among them. Indeed, once you are a specialist in a field, why not train, instruct and pass on your knowledge. Whether it is in the fields of aesthetics, well-being or mind-body techniques, many trainers offer to teach you a new technique or to improve your skills in a discipline that you like.

Thanks to the flexible spaces available today, these trainers can easily rent a room for the few days that their training or initiation day lasts, at a lower cost.

Some trainers, in order to ensure additional income to the price of the training, also sell material to the participants of their course on site.

For some years now, and even more so with the crisis we are going through, the various techniques in the wellness sector (and there are many of them) have met with growing success and interest. Many people are training in these techniques. Training courses are therefore very popular. But beware, there are also scams. Learning massage techniques via a digital training course is simply nonsense. Some courses can only be given in person.

Also beware of trainers who are not always certified and are selling you a bill of goods. It can be useful for you and your reputation with your clients/patients to be certified in your field. You should therefore give preference to certified training courses which will provide you with a diploma at the end of the course.

For those who want to start training, don't hesitate to rent a small space to start. Even if you only have 2-3 participants to start with, there are now rooms suitable for the number of participants, which you can rent by the hour. Start small with a room suitable for the number of participants. There is no point in taking a room that is too big and where the students will feel lost. Aim for the right size and make your workspace evolve according to the evolution of your activity. Today, all this is possible because there is an offer adapted to this type of demand.