Difficult to find practices in Brussels for psychologists: the renting of a practice for a psychologist in Brussels must evolve to survive.

In recent times, finding a practice for a psychologist has proven to be no easy task. Many psychologists have no practice, or practice in a practice, but barely make ends meet. Indeed, the complications are not due to the lack of available practices, but to the solutions currently offered to psychologists. Regardless of the way in which psychologists practice, they have inevitably been affected by soaring energy prices.

As regards the rental of psychologist's offices in Brussels, rents are constantly rising, adding to the costs. Add to this the drop in purchasing power in Belgium in 2022, and the mental well-being sector is in trouble. As for psychologists who have their own practice in Brussels, although they do not have a
As a result of this price inflation, they have felt the impact on their energy budget. In one year, the price of energy has increased by more than 50% in Belgium. To compensate for this, psychologists are therefore forced to increase the price of their services or lose a significant part of their turnover. Others are forced to terminate the lease
This is a difficult situation to live with. But what solution is there to this situation?

Renting offices for psychologists in Brussels remains a good solution to this situation, but in a different form. Indeed, the renting of offices for cheap despite the increase of the charges exists in the form of coworking. There are shared offices for psychologists in Brussels, which can be rented on any day of the week.
week, at affordable rates with charges included in the price. Each individual can reserve an already equipped practice for as long as they wish and only pay when they occupy the practice. This new system makes it possible to optimise the space and amortise the cost of energy and other expenses, which is how it is possible to offer such low and unchanging prices.

This principle is based on the mutualisation of spaces and thus makes it possible to provide solutions to psychologists who need them.
Renting a psychologist's office in Brussels at low cost is possible when you share.