Statistics show us this more and more every day. We no longer find any meaning in our current jobs. We suffer from the pressure that the bosses put on us, their employees.

The world today wants everything to go faster and faster. We feel like we are being squeezed like lemons and all for the sake of someone else. It doesn't make sense anymore!

The number of burn-outs, depressions and suicides is increasing drastically every year and yet nothing is slowing down, the pressures are getting stronger and stronger, the working hours are getting longer and longer. Nothing is going right anymore!

Many workers in this pattern no longer feel at all in tune with their personal values. The opposite reaction then takes place: the need to go slower, to let go of the pressure, to be in the green, to take care of oneself and of others.

Many people who go through a burn-out put a series of actions in place to feel better. This includes coaching, psychological support, but also relaxation, time for oneself and other techniques to find meaning in life. Along the way, the desire then arises to do good for others and to share one's story so that others do not fall into the same trap.

The search for personal fulfilment then leads to a professional reconversion which will naturally turn to the wellness sector.

Some take advantage of their sick leave to train and sometimes accumulate a series of training courses and certifications in various disciplines of this wellness sector. It is then in a totally instinctive way that with time, they decide to launch their own practice. Generally they develop their own discipline which will be a concentrate of the different trainings received and based on a philosophy of life in adequacy with their values.

Giving a new meaning to one's life, feeling good, doing good for others, giving a more human dimension to one's job, being fulfilled, working on and for oneself, improving health and well-being are all reasons to switch to a professional reconversion in one of the well-being professions.