What is the profession of psychotherapist?

A psychotherapist is a person who takes charge of a patient in order to help him or her with psychological suffering. Psychologists (professionals who listen to, accompany and help people with moral, chronic or psychological problems) should not be confused with psychotherapists (professionals who treat people with psychological, behavioural or sexual difficulties). There are many specialities in psychotherapy, such as

- Hypnotherapy
- Neuro-linguistic programming
- Sophrotherapy and sophrology
- Therapeutic meditation
- Cognitive and behavioural therapy
- ...

In practising their profession, psychotherapists often encounter difficulties, what are they?

It is important to know that a psychotherapist is chosen by his or her patient according to various criteria, including word of mouth. Choosing a therapist on the basis of what people know can be very positive or very negative. Indeed, the relationships that patients have with their psychologist or psychotherapist or other health professional are different from each other. The current can flow very well from one person to another. Each person has their own sensitivities and chemistry. Another difficulty is to know how to distinguish one's professional life from one's personal life. A psychotherapist accompanies people with psychological problems all day long. His challenge is not to become an emotional sponge.

What are the benefits of making an appointment with a psychotherapist?

Psychotherapy has many benefits in areas such as

- Psychological suffering. This concerns phobias, anxieties, anxiety, panic, recurrent depression, etc.
- Emotional or relationship problems which include obsessions, shyness, self-esteem and failures.
- Behavioural wellbeing nuisance. For example, post-traumatic stress, various addictions, imagining non-existent ills, ...
- Well-being and self-development. The psychotherapist helps people to develop their self-esteem and to become more aware of their real needs.

How about it? Do you want to become a psychotherapist? Want to make an appointment with a psychotherapist?

Psychotherapist, a profession that allows you to help your fellow man.